2017 CASBA Officers

President: Rob Quigg (Richmond Baking)

Executive Director: Craig S. Parrish, (CASBA, Inc)

Immediate Past President: William H. Bennett (PlusPoint Group, LLC)

Treasurer: Tom Lugar (Thomas L. Green, LLC)

Secretary: Mike Kriegermeier (American Engraving Corporation)

Kit Murphy Scholarship: Rob Quigg (Richmond Baking)

Standing Committee Chairs

Registration:   Mary Southard (Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company)

Membership:   Alex Smith (Franz Haas Machinery of America, Inc.)

Golf:                  Mark Bartles (Mother Murphy’s) 

Past Presidents

2017     William Bennett
2016     William Bennett
2015     William Bennett
2014     Kevin Boyle
2013     Crockett Cobble
2012     Crockett Cobble
2011     Al Cason Jr.
2010     Al Cason Jr.
2009     David Murphy
2008     David Murphy
2007     Rich Koulouris
2006     Rich Koulouris
2005     Bill Quigg
2004     Bill Quigg
2003     Stu Kriegermeier
2002     Stu Kriegermeier
2001     Dean Fields
2000     Mark Bartles
1999     Ray Murphy
1998     Bob Smith
1997     Stu VanderHeide
1996     Wayne Turnbull
1995     Joe Coning
1994     Don Dakin
1993     Garry Buttermann, III
1992     Bill Hickman
1991     James Whitney
1990     James Whitney
1989     R.H. Dufek
1988     R.H. Dufek
1987     Jack Elliot
1986     Bill Burkhardt
1985     David Stauffer
1984     Louie Parein
1983     Jack Fox / Louie Parein
1982     Larry Shores
1981     Charles Holland
1980     Charles Holland
1979     Albert L. Cason
1978     Albert L. Cason
1977     Ellsworth McKee
1976     B.T. “Cookie” Byrd
1975     Andy Stewart
1974     Vernon Bookhout
1973     Maurice Keathley
1972     Andy Stewart
1971     A.E. “Gene” Veazey
1970     Albert L. Cason

History and Background

In the summer of 1970, several Baker & Allied friends gathered in an Atlanta, GA, hotel to discuss re-forming the former Southern Bakers’ Association, which had recently ceased operation. Among those present were Johnny Murray, Murray Biscuit Company, Augusta, GA; Bud Cason, Greg’s Cookie Company, Birmingham, AL; Gene Veazey, CEO of Bishop Baking Company, Cleveland, TN; and Craig Parrish, Finance VP, Bishop Baking, Cleveland, TN.  During that initial meeting, it was decided to rename the organization the Cookie & Snack Bakers’ Association, or CASBA.  Bud Cason was elected the first President and CASBA had its first formal meeting in Atlanta during the fall of 1970.  Gene Veazey followed Bud Cason as President in 1971.  Craig Parrish was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Bakers, with Tom Lugar serving as Treasurer from the Allied side of the business.

Eventually the group formed a corporation (CASBA, Inc.) and Craig Parrish was named Executive Director, while Tom Lugar was named Treasurer.  Murray Biscuit was sold several times and is now owned by Kellogg’s.  Greg’s Cookie Company and Biship Baking were sold, as well.  Bud Cason remained out of the industry for five years before forming Bud’s Best Cookies in Birmingham, AL, where he is presently Chariman/CEO.  Bud’s son, Al, Jr., is now President and Chief Operating Officer at Bud’s Best Cookies, Inc., and served as CASBA President in 2010 and 2011.  Gene Veazey and Craig Parrish, old-time school buddies, who also served in the Army together, linked up at the former Bishop Baking and Dortch Baking Companies.  Both Gene and Craig are retired from their former companies, but remain very active in CASBA, with Craig continuing to serve as Executive Director.

Some other members of note are Mr. Ed Weidenmiller, who sponsored the Weidenmiller Tennis Trophy as well as serving as Secretary to the association. The Weidenmiller company of Itasca, IL, has been serving the baking industry for over 100 years.  Another notable CASBA member that has passed the centurian mark in business is The Thomas L. Green Manufacturing Company, headed by Thomas R. Lugar, Treasurer of CASBA, Inc.

While CASBA membership was originally formed with a focus on bakers and suppliers in the Southeast United States, today, membership is open to any Cookie or Snack Baker or Bakery Supplier (Allied), no matter the size or location.