49th Annual CASBA Convention at The Cloister at Sea Island, GA, February 18 – 20, 2018

Mark your calendar NOW for the 49th Annual CASBA Convention, which will be held Feb. 18 – 20, 2018, at the Forbes 5-Star rated resort The Cloister at Sea Island in Sea Island, GA.

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Sea Island General Information:


2018 CASBA Membership Dues Invoice

If you have not received a copy of the 2018 CASBA Membership Dues Form in the mail, please download and print of a copy from the following link:


Thank you for your membership and prompt payment of the your CASBA membership dues. Please submit your 2018 membership dues no later than 12/31/17 to make sure you continue to receive updated information on CASBA activities and news.

Reminder: Membership dues are per company, not per person. With your company membership, you can invite as many employees as you want to join in any CASBA activities and events, including registration for the annual convention.

“Book of Memories” Reminder

I want to refresh members’ minds about our CASBA “Book of Memories”.  You can either send memorials to me (see email address below) or bring them to our February 2017 Convention in Orlando, Florida!

-Craig Parrish ( csparrish27@gmail.com )


Buttermann Awarded CASBA Lifetime Achievement

At CASBA’s 48th Annual Convention at The Villas of Grand Cypress, Garry G. Buttermann III was awarded the CASBA Lifetime Achievement, upon his retirement from The Kit Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund, following twenty-five years as Committee Chairman.  The award was presented by the incoming KMMSF Committee Chairman, Rob Quigg, from Richmond Baking Company.


Garry was a bakery owner for many years and served as President of CASBA, Inc., in 1993.

On behalf of CASBA’s Board of Directors and The Executive Committee, Garry’s loyal and sterling service is greatly appreciated.

Albert “Bud” Cason Selected For A.S.B Hall of Fame

CONGRATULATIONS to Albert “Bud” Cason for his selection to be inducted into the American Society of Baking’s Hall of Fame in 2017!

Bud is a co-founder and very active member of CASBA.  We salute you, Bud, for your many years in the bakery business and your service in CASBA and other industry organizations.  The Press Release from the American Society of Baker’s (A.S.B.) is as follows:

KANSAS CITY, MO., Nov. 4, 2016 — The American Society of Baking (A.S.B.) will induct four industry leaders into the Baking Hall of Fame on Feb. 27 with special ceremonies during BakingTech 2017 to be held in Chicago. They and their affiliated organizations are:

  • Albert L. (Bud) Cason, Bud’s Best Cookies, Birmingham, AL
  • Murray and Marvin Lender, Lender’s Bagel Bakery, New Haven, CT
  • Joseph (Joe) Schwebel, Schwebel’s Baking Co., Youngstown, OH

“This year, as in previous ones, the selection committee gathered an impressive list of nominees,” said John Del Campo, chair of the A.S.B. Baking Hall of Fame Evaluation Committee and general manager of Repco – Bakery Division, Salina, KS. “All were extraordinary candidates. It’s rewarding to know that so many outstanding individuals have served or continue to be active in our industry.”

Albert L. (Bud) Cason, founder and chairman of Bud’s Best Cookies, Birmingham, Ala., was one of the first cookie producers to recognize the potential of contract manufacturing. In the 1970s, he saw that large consumer products goods companies were moving out of manufacturing activities to concentrate their resources on marketing. He reinvigorated a modest bakery concern in the Southeast to serve that need. In the course of doing so, he practically invented the category of mini-cookie by being the first to master mass production of these bite-size treats, now found at convenience stores all around the country. Later, he added full-size cookies and, most recently, wafer products to the product line of his lively business. Mr. Cason is also very active in his community and church and generously supports their causes, charities and initiatives. He is a co-founder of the Cookie and Snack Cracker Bakers Association. He served on the board of the Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturer’s Association (B&CMA), and he is currently involved in the merger of B&CMA and the America Bakers Association (A.B.A.).

Murray and Marvin Lender, owners, Lender’s Bagel Bakery, New Haven, Conn., brothers and first-generation Americans, took a small family bakery to national standing. They paved the way for other bakers to add ethnic specialties to the broad diversity of products offered by the commercial baking industry. Bagels would never have become an American breakfast and sandwich staple without the Lenders. Murray was Mr. Outside and led the company to launch the frozen baked goods category. Marvin was Mr. Inside and ran the operations and finances. Both guided progress in bagel-making technology, and their engineers invented much of it themselves. They were pivotal in leading the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association for many years. After selling the business, Marvin went on to become a national figure as president of the United Jewish Appeal, and he continues his charity work with a focus on international projects. Murray concentrated his efforts on charities in his hometown of New Haven, CT, enriching the lives of those residents until his death in 2012. Lenders Bagel Bakery is now part of Pinnacle Foods.

Joseph (Joe) Schwebel, president, Schwebel’s Baking Co., Youngstown, Ohio, was schooled in baking from the day he was born and led his family’s bakery for more than 25 years. A graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Schwebel combined his education in business management techniques with baking’s daily disciplines by riding bread routes and working directly with customers and shoppers. A shrewd and competitive businessman, he turned Schwebel’s into the regional power it is today and served his community and industry to their betterment. He believed in action-based solutions, and many of these became industry-accepted courses of action. For example, when the low-carb craze nearly broke the back of the commercial baking industry, he helped establish and fund the Grain Foods Foundation in 2004. Mr. Schwebel served on the boards of A.B.A., Quality Bakers of America and AIB International. He had high faith in people, strongly supporting A.S.B. and mentoring many on his staff to serve as speakers and officers of the society and leaders in the industry. His grandmother Dora Schwebel, the company’s founder, was inducted into the Baking Hall of Fame in 2009. Mr. Schwebel passed away in 2012.

“The lives and careers of these individuals provide wonderful examples of excellence and leadership,” Mr. Del Campo said. “They represent the best qualities of compassion, forward thinking and personal judgment. The committee feels honored to have looked at their accomplishments. They inspire our future by their experience.”

Since its launch in 2006, the Baking Hall of Fame will have enshrined 76 individuals with the 2017 class. They come from all walks of life in the baking industry — from bakeries, allied equipment and ingredient suppliers, schools, service organizations and publishers. Their accomplishments can be read at www.asbe.org/hall-of-fame/baking-hall-fame-inductees-year.

To start a nomination for future honors, please visit www.asbe.org/about-us/nomination.

The American Society of Baking is a community of baking professionals who are dedicated to improving the industry, their companies and themselves through education, leadership development and networking.  Visit www.asbe.org today and become a member.


CASBA Honors Jim Quigg and Richmond Baking with Lifetime Achievement Award

CASBA honors Mr. Jim Quigg and the Quigg Family from Richmond Baking with a Lifetime Achievement Award

at the 47th Annual CASBA Convention in February 2016 at the Cloister at Sea Island, GA.











Click below to view the tribute video to Mr. Jim Quigg and the Richmond Baking family that was presented at the 47th Annual CASBA Convention at The Cloister at Sea Island:

Honoring Tom Lugar for 50 Years of Service

CASBA Honors Tom Lugar with a Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Lugar awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Pictured at the banquet was Tom’s wife, Sally Lugar, Senator Dick Lugar and a group of colleagues from Reading Bakery Systems. At right is Craig Parrish, Executive Director of CASBA.


CASBA, Inc. honors Tom Lugar for over 50 years of service to his company and the industry.

New Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

CASBA is honored to announce the induction of Kermit Murphy into the Baking Hall of Fame by the American Society of Baking on March 1, 2015, during a special ceremony at Baking Tech 2015, in Chicago.  Along with Kermit, his brother, Pete Murphy will also be inducted.

The Murphy brothers founded Mother Murphy’s Laboratories in Greensboro, NC in 1946.

Kermit, along with his two sons, Kit and David, were loyal members of CASBA for nearly fifty years.

3 Lifetime Awards Presented at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

Crockett Cobble, back, CASBA 2013 President

Craig Parrish, left front, long-time VP of Finance at Bishop Baking, now retired from Kellogg.

Bud Cason, center front, Founder, Owner, CEO of Bud’s Best Cookies, Birmingham, AL;

Gene Veazey, right front, long-time President of Bishop Baking Company, Cleveland, TN and now retired from Keebler.

History and Background

In the summer of 1970, several Baker & Allied friends gathered in an Atlanta, GA, hotel to discuss re-forming the former Southern Bakers’ Association, which had recently ceased operation. Among those present were Johnny Murray, Murray Biscuit Company, Augusta, GA; Bud Cason, Greg’s Cookie Company, Birmingham, AL; Gene Veazey, CEO of Bishop Baking Company, Cleveland, TN; and Craig Parrish, Finance VP, Bishop Baking, Cleveland, TN.  During that initial meeting, it was decided to rename the organization the Cookie & Snack Bakers’ Association, or CASBA.  Bud Cason was elected the first President and CASBA had its first formal meeting in Atlanta during the fall of 1970.  Gene Veazey followed Bud Cason as President in 1971.  Craig Parrish was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Bakers, with Tom Lugar serving as Treasurer from the Allied side of the business.

Eventually the group formed a corporation (CASBA, Inc.) and Craig Parrish was named Executive Director, while Tom Lugar was named Treasurer.  Murray Biscuit was sold several times and is now owned by Kellogg’s.  Greg’s Cookie Company and Biship Baking were sold, as well.  Bud Cason remained out of the industry for five years before forming Bud’s Best Cookies in Birmingham, AL, where he is presently Chariman/CEO.  Bud’s son, Al, Jr., is now President and Chief Operating Officer at Bud’s Best Cookies, Inc., and served as CASBA President in 2010 and 2011.  Gene Veazey and Craig Parrish, old-time school buddies, who also served in the Army together, linked up at the former Bishop Baking and Dortch Baking Companies.  Both Gene and Craig are retired from their former companies, but remain very active in CASBA, with Craig continuing to serve as Executive Director.

Some other members of note are Mr. Ed Weidenmiller, who sponsored the Weidenmiller Tennis Trophy as well as serving as Secretary to the association. The Weidenmiller company of Itasca, IL, has been serving the baking industry for over 100 years.  Another notable CASBA member that has passed the centurian mark in business is The Thomas L. Green Manufacturing Company, headed by Thomas R. Lugar, Treasurer of CASBA, Inc.

While CASBA membership was originally formed with a focus on bakers and suppliers in the Southeast United States, today, membership is open to any Cookie or Snack Baker or Bakery Supplier (Allied), no matter the size or location.