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The Cookie and Snack Bakers Association was established in 1970 to provide association members with a forum and atmosphere conducive to building relationships, sharing experiences, and exchanging information necessary to prosper our individual business and Industry.

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Honoring Tom Lugar for 50 Years of Service

CASBA Inc. honors Tom Lugar for over 50 years of service to his company and the industry.

CASBA Secretary passes away, Son assumes same position

A beloved member of the CASBA family, Stuart Kriegermeier, passed away in October of 2014. Stuart’s ever positive presence, not only as a member of the CASBA organization, but as a truly good person will surely be missed by everyone. Below are several pictures of Mike Kriegermeier, Stuart’s son, accepting a plaque that was awarded to his late father. Mike was unanimously elected to assume his father’s positionĀ as the Secretary atĀ CASBA, Inc.


image002 IMG_6775