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The Cookie and Snack Bakers Association was established in 1970 to provide association members with a forum and atmosphere conducive to building relationships, sharing experiences, and exchanging information necessary to prosper our individual business and Industry.

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Did you attend the 46th Annual Convention at Renaissance?

To all attendees to our 46th annual convention at Renaissance

Slammer & Squire is an independent entity and not related to Renaissance. They were very late in billing our golfer members and did so as of February 25th.

If you were not billed at check-out, then you may be billed as of that date from Renaissance. As a golfer, it is your responsibility to handle this with Renaissance.

Thank you and best regards,


Honoring Tom Lugar for 50 Years of Service

CASBA Honors Tom Lugar with a Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Lugar awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Pictured at the banquet was Tom’s wife, Sally Lugar, Senator Dick Lugar and a contingency of fellow colleagues from Reading Bakery Systems.


CASBA Inc. honors Tom Lugar for over 50 years of service to his company and the industry.