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The Cookie and Snack Bakers Association (CASBA) was established in 1970 to provide association members with a forum and atmosphere conducive to building relationships, sharing experiences, and exchanging information necessary to prosper our individual business and Industry.

Buttermann Awarded CASBA Lifetime Achievement

At CASBA’s 48th Annual Convention at The Villas of Grand Cypress, Garry G. Buttermann III was awarded the CASBA Lifetime Achievement, upon his retirement from The Kit Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund, following twenty-five years as Committee Chairman.  The award was presented by the incoming KMMSF Committee Chairman, Rob Quigg, from Richmond Baking Company.


Garry was a bakery owner for many years and served as President of CASBA, Inc., in 1993.

On behalf of CASBA’s Board of Directors and The Executive Committee, Garry’s loyal and sterling service is greatly appreciated.

48th Annual CASBA Convention Update

Convention Program Brochure Now Available For Download!

If you want to get a jump on what’s in store and to make early plans, click on the link and download a copy of the 48th Annual CASBA Convention Program Itinerary.

Link: CASBA 48th Annual Convention Program Itinerary

Rooms have been booked, speakers are finishing their presentations, food is being prepared, golf clubs are being cleaned and travel plans are being finalized . . .

The 48th Annual CASBA Convention is on track and ready to roll!

The weather should be warm and the topics are hot . . . I hope to see you there February 19 – 21, 2017!